My work

My broader research interests focus on the political consequences of wealth inequality. For my dissertation, I investigate the relationship between violence, crime, policing and politics of inequality in Brazil. Additionally, with Mariana Carvalho I have been working on a paper investigating political cycles of violence in Brazil. We research the conditions that trigger the use of violence during the elections in Brazil.

Furthermore, I am currently working on a project applying spatial voting models to analyze Twitter data with Ernesto Calvo the chair of my Ph.D. Committee, and Natalia Aruguete. We presented the first version of the paper on August 2018 at APSA

I have had the opportunity to work on a numerous of projects about Brazilian Politics. I published a co-authored article with Thamy Pogrebinschi about the impact of the National Conferences of Public Policy in the quality of democracy in Brazil. With Talita Tanscheit, and Fabiano Santos, I am currently working a paper under review about the impact of the internal factions of the Workers’ Party (PT) on its policy choices in particular in the adoption of participatory innovation in the local level. Furthermore, Natalia Maciel and I published an article about changes in the electoral basis of the Workers Party considering the national legislative elections in Brazil.


I have served as teaching assistant on two undergraduate courses at University of Maryland, College Park. The weblinks below points to my GitHub page where I save the material I used in each course.




You can download my CV here