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Well… At least what I try to

In my doctoral dissertation, I seek to understand how violence changes the electoral market in developing democracies with particular focus in Latin America. I extend economic models of individual preferences for welfare and social policy provision - endogenously determined by income inequality - to understand changes in the political arena brought by rising violence. My dissertation asks how violence changes citizens’ demands for state protection, how violence changes the supply of politicians campaigning on more punitive solutions for crime, and how wealth inequality determines the unequal provision of security by the criminal justice agencies

Outside of my dissertation, my methodological work focuses on a variety of projects related to computational social science. In a co-authored work with Dr. Ernesto Calvo - the chair of my PhD Committee - and Dr. Natalia Aruguete, we consider a model in which readers vote on social media by embedding links to news organizations on Twitter and journalists modify news content to maximize readership. Still in network models, in a second work with Dr. Ernesto Calvo and Dr. Joan Timoneda, we propose a application of the Geographically Weighted Regression Model to twitter data in order to deal with spatial dependency and heterogeneous network effects in a more computationally efficient strategy. Finally, I have also been involved in a collaborative research with Dr. William Reed and Dr.Katherine Sawyer. In this project, we use computational text analysis to analyze the content of constitutions created by rebel groups involved in civil wars.

I have also developed projects more focused on Brazilian politics with some of them already published in Brazilian top journals. I have been working in a single-authored paper in which I combine RDD and Lasso models to deal with partisan reverse coattail effects in mayoral politics in Brazil. With Mariana Carvalho, I have a working paper investigating political cycles of violence against politicians in Brazil.


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