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Recent advancements in online streaming technologies have re-centered the audience as an important part of live broadcasts, including …

Recent increases in uncivil dialogue, political polarization, and fake news in social media raise questions about the relationship …

We present the results of a survey experiment designed to evaluate the effects of social media exposure on perceptions of personal …

We investigate how streaming chatboxes may shape perceptions of political events. We conducted a field experiment during the September …

This article introduces the concept of adjudication to define the act of granting or denying ownership of an outcome to individuals or …

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Voting for Violence: The Election of Law and Order Politicians in Brazil
Tiago Ventura, Dissertation Chapter, In preparation

Have no Faith in Constitutions? The Content of Rebel Constitutions in Civil War
Katherine Sawyer, William Reed, and Tiago Ventura
*Draft prepared for the Annual Meeting of APSA, 2019 *

The Electoral Killing Cycle
Mariana Carvalho and Tiago Ventura
Draft prepared for the Annual Meeting of MPSA, 2019


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